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RIP Karl Lagerfeld: Fashion Tattoos for a Fashion Icon

RIP Karl Lagerfeld: Fashion Tattoos for a Fashion Icon

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In this collection of fashion tattoos, we remember how near and dear style is to our hearts.

With the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, not to mention the recent fashion weeks in New York and Milan, the fashion world has come center stage...just like they like it. And although some people are slamming the late designer for his often fat shamming, misogynistic comments, it's hard to deny his talent. Steering the power house of Chanel for 30 years, the creations that come from the fashion maven are still some of the most coveted pieces ever. So, it's no wonder that people are inking their skin with fashion tattoos, like bottles of Chanel Number 5, and portraits of famous designers and models.

In a 2017 stat that showed how much the fashion industry was worth, the number came out at about $2.4 trillion. Totally insane. It makes sense...from couture clothing to fast fashion, everyone in the world needs to wear clothes. It's worth mentioning too, that all of our fast fashion at Forever 21 and the like filters down from fashion geniuses like Karl Lagerfeld...borrowing from the runway is not new. In fact, Fashion Nova recently copped a vintage Thierry Mugler dress that Kim Kardashian was wearing sparking a major twitter and IG battle. And it makes sense...although Kim isn't exactly a saint herself (she's also been called out for copying/maybe being behind this fast fashion crap for press) her point still stands: most fashion designers devote an insane amount of time to their craft. They care about their pieces, just like tattooists care about theirs.

To see this in action, just check out documentaries like "McQueen", "Unzipped", or "The September Issue". The 2017 film "Phantom Thread" was another film that really showed what it was like behind the's a fictionalized account of a designer, but the effort, care, absolute obsession with the mastery of clothing creation is there. It may seem crazy sometimes, but these fashion tattoos hint at the history, art, and culture behind the massive industry. And you may think you're above it or beyond it...but we're pretty sure you're wearing clothes while you're reading this....right?

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