Rock That Body: Chest Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Rock That Body: Chest Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

These awesome chest tattoos will rock your body in every which way.

Back in the day people used to cover every single bit of their body before moving on to hands, neck, and other visible parts. One of the best starting places is the chest! We've pulled together some chest tattoos to show that whether you're just starting out, or running out of space and this is all ya got left... these pieces will inspire many big ideas. It's also a big commitment. Many people these days feel that the chest is actually highly noticeable, rather than's like the upper chest is front and center. Although it's a big commitment, there really are few other ways other than a big ole' chest tattoo to show how much of a badass you really are. 

If you are working on a chest that is completely clean, it might be wise to start small and build from there. Keep in mind that it might be visible as people will see pieces of it peeking above the neckline of your shirt, or if you are wearing a thinner shirt. And yeah... it may hurt. The bones are kind of... ya know, right there.

But a few hours of pain for a lifetime of a beautiful chest tattoo can be completely worth it. If you're not sure you can handle the commitment or the pain of a full chest piece, check out Rion or Tati Compton's pieces or David Peyote's colorful music portal below for inspiration on how you can start small. Even the pieces above are great examples of how you can start on either side of the chest, and then meet in the middle!

There are many styles, concepts, and designs to be had...and what's really cool about chest tattoo designs is that it's such a large canvas so you can choose to do tons of little pieces or one large cohesive piece. There are so many options that really... it's kind of hard not to get overwhelmed but we have some advice!! It may sound cliche but this tattoo will literally be closest to your heart, so when you're thinking of ideas just think about that: what's closest to your heart in your life? Some people get quotes and phrases. Words can have a significant meaning which some hold dear to their heart. Some people get portraits of their family members or pets... these are great ways to go for a chest tattoo!

In any case, until Free the Nipple actually frees the nipple and we can all run around shirtless like we really want to, these chest pieces will have to stay under shirts...but thankfully there are pictures so we can drool and dream about our own badass future chest tattoos.

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