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Rodolpho Torres, the Man Erasing Stretch Marks with Tattoos

Rodolpho Torres, the Man Erasing Stretch Marks with Tattoos

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People who hate their stretch marks now have an intriguing new option better than any cream or laser.

Almost everyone has stretch marks on their bodies. Some people don't mind having them and embrace them as part of life. Others become extremely self-conscious because of them. These people will do just about anything to have their stretch marks eradicated from their bodies. They'll try expensive lotions, make-ups, and sometimes even surgery.

A before/after of Rodolpho Torres' work. #RodolphoTorres #StretchMarks

Torres' methods are secret, of course, but he says he uses striped marks camouflaged with flesh-colored ink and tattoo shading to make stretch marks disappear. The process has worked miracles on many people in making their stretch marks disappear or at least greatly decreasing their appearance. 

Rodolpho Torres prides himself on being able to get rid of stretch marks with tattoos. #RodolphoTorres #StretchMarks

If you want to see more works of wonder from Rodolpho Torres, follow his Instagram. It could convince you to travel to Brazil to get this new procedure done, and you could rid yourself of stretch marks.

Written byJoe

I'm Joe. I'm a comedian and writer from Baltimore. Follow me on Twitter @joewelkie

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