'Rogue One' Star Felicity Jones Meets Her Tattoo Alter Ego

'Rogue One' Star Felicity Jones Meets Her Tattoo Alter Ego

Now that she's part of the Star Wars universe, Jones better get used to seeing herself in tattoo form.

Back in the day actors would dream about seeing their name in lights, that was the ultimate sign that they had become a star. Nowadays the marquee has been replaced by skin and ink. When a fan gets your mug tattooed on their body forever it is the ultimate sign that you have "made it." Congratulations, Felicity Jones.

Jones, the star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote the film and shared the story of looking into her own eyes staring back at her from a young man's calf. 

Jyn Erso by Chris Jones. (Via IG - chrisjonestattoos) #chrisjones #starwars #rogueone #felicityjones #jynerso
Jyn Erso by Chris Jones. (Via IG - chrisjonestattoos) #chrisjones #starwars #rogueone #felicityjones #jynerso

The tattoo in question was done by the one-and-only Chris Jones, who we assume is not related to the star. The man has made a living out of doing some of the sickest color realism tattoos, particularly focusing on the nerdier side of life. 

Felicity Jones seemed to be a little taken aback by the idea of being a tattoo and you can't really blame her, it is pretty crazy when you think about it. But it turns out that what had Jones most worried was how the tattoo would look in the future. When most people grow concerned about how the colors will fade or bleed into each other over the years, Jones was preoccupied by something that never even occurred to us. 

"I'm just worried about what happens when the hair grows back," Jones said between laughs. "I'm going to be a bearded lady."

Here's hoping that the unknown gentleman takes care of that amazing tattoo and makes sure that Jones looks great for years to come. Given the enormous opening weekend Rogue One just had, we're guessing that there are going to be a ton of Jyn Erso tattoos in the future, so Jones better get used to seeing her likeness on the skin of strangers, possibly with a beard. But let's hope not. 

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