Role Model Role Call: Emma Vauxdevil

Role Model Role Call: Emma Vauxdevil

This sword swallowing, fire dancing, burlesque queen is ultimate life goals.

Emma Vauxdevil is one of those performers that we just keep coming back to over and over again — a dream girl we can’t get out of our heads. No matter how many burlesque stars, circus performers, or models we cover we always find our way back to her. Fascinating in every aspect of the word, Vauxdevil is a — wait for it — sword swallower, fire breather and dancer, model, and burlesque queen. She may be a captivating goddess of the stage today, but she says she wasn’t always so confident. In fact, there was once a time when Emma Vauxdevil the performer didn’t even exist. 

“Emma Vauxdevil is my brave alter ego who isn't afraid of anything, and shines when it’s time,” Vauxdevil says. “In real life I'm so shy and timid, it takes some time for me to know someone and for my personality to show through.”

Everyone starts somewhere, including Vauxdevil. “I first started as a club dancer,” she explains. “I was in some troupes but wanted to stand out and be the best I could be and really push myself. I wanted to learn more and more talents so then I begun fire. Shortly after that I started to learn aerial acrobatics. I performed all of that ambiently for a few years, but then I discovered burlesque, and it made my life.”

And who could blame her? The allure of the glittering costumes, adoring fans, and the empowerment and rush of adrenaline that comes with the stage lights is exhilarating, and Vauxdevil makes it all seem completely effortless.

A master of some of the greatest feats known to man, Vauxdevil says that with the exception of sword swallowing and fire breathing, which she learned through the help of the Coney Island Sideshow and a Ringling Brothers clown named Oscar, most of her incredible stage talents are self taught. “I did an extreme amount of research [for fire eating and dance], and I recommend finding someone who knows what they're doing if you want to learn,” she says. “I had a lot of trial and error, but I never get too nervous because I know I have to handle these things with the utmost care. They are extremely dangerous acts. I could die doing fire and sword, or harm others, so it’s my responsibility to take caution.”

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Performing weekly with The Moonlight Dolls in Houston, Texas, Vauxdevil says that she currently doesn’t have any travel or tour plans for the upcoming months, but she does have a surprise or two in the works. “This coming year, I'm working on a new demo reel, some new costumes and ideas, and planning to travel to more unique places. This year will be a year of really fine tuning my art.” 

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that one of those unique places will be your hometown, , but until then, you can bide your time and just watch her countless videos on Instagram. Swoon.

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