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Rollin' in the Deep: Octopus Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Rollin' in the Deep: Octopus Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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The octopus tattoos will leave you wanting to take a dip into the ocean, or into some new ink!

There are some animals that humans really feel connected to or inspired by...and one of those animals is the octopus. These octopus tattoos illustrate the fascination we have for the world of the deep ocean and the strange creatures that inhabit its depths. Perhaps we're so mesmerized by octopuses because of their surreal looks and clever characteristics. Some of these animals can change their color depending on their mood or surroundings. Others have the ability to create bioluminescent light. They've inspired myth, legends, and even spooky characters like Pirates of the Caribbean's Davy Jones. These animals continue to inspire our imaginations and these octopus tattoos are perfect epitomes of that.

There are about a million different reasons why octopuses are so inspiring, and why people continue to get such awesome octopus tattoos...Most people know that octopuses are invertebrates, which mean that they are boneless and that this is why they turn into deflated balloon-like bodies when pulled out of the water. But did you know that like chimpanzees, dolphins, and crows octopuses can use tools for various reasons? In fact, octopuses are so smart that they can even become bored in environments that aren't stimulating enough. Some have even turned to autophagy, the eating of one's own appendages, from the stress of pure boredom!! Not only are they smart, but beautiful and strange to look at. Like chameleons, they can change their color to mimic that of their surroundings, including underwater plants and shells. They really are incredible creatures, and they motivate some incredible octopus tattoos!

So with all that fascinating information in mind, we've brought together some awesome octopus tattoos that show the diverse styles in which these creatures can be inked. Lol, get it?! Cuz octopi spray ink! Lol. We've even added in a squid tattoo, just for good measure because who doesn't like giant squids?

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