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Romantic Pastel Tattoos by Alex Rowntree

Romantic Pastel Tattoos by Alex Rowntree

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You'll fall in love with these Alex Rowntree tattoos.

If you head to the Northern Glory Tattoo Shop in Newcastle, UK, you'll find Alex Rowntree creating beautiful new traditional tattoos full of love. Her portfolio is full of tattoos romanticizing fairy tales, song lyrics, or simply just expressing a love for Disney movies and old fables.  

Totoro tattoo by Alex Rowntree. #flowers #traditional #totoro #AlexRowntree #anime

Rowntree's work features a heavy pastel presence and a little neo traditional influence, too. These pieces are packed full of different elements, turning what would normally be a simple piece into something more impressive. And, what would romance be without flowers? You'll find plenty of them in the foreground and background of Rowntree's work. 

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Kitty in a cauldron tattoo by Alex Rowntree. #traditional #neotraditioal #witch #cat #cauldron #AlexRowntree

Images from Instagram.

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