Román Torres Celebrates MLS Cup With a Tattoo of His Own Face

Román Torres Celebrates MLS Cup With a Tattoo of His Own Face

There are plenty of ways to celebrate a championship, but this might be the most unique so far.

Athletes do all sorts of crazy stuff once they've won it all. They jump on top of each other with abandon, tear their clothes off, shoot champagne all over the place, and, of course, go to Disney World. Lately, more and more athletes (and fans) have been celebrating with tattoos. But Román Torres of the Seattle Sounders took it a step further — he got a tattoo of himself hoisting the MLS Cup over his head. 

Torres' brand new celebratory tattoo. (Via Twitter - PlenayGolespty) #sports #soccer #romantorres #mls #seattlesounders

This is truly something we have never seen before. The closest we can think of is when Jonny Gomes of the Boston Red Sox had a caricature that looked a hell of a lot like himself tattooed on to his side after winning the 2013 World Series. But that's nothing compared to Torres' work. There is no denying that the footballer's tattoo is a portrait of himself. 

Which leads us to wonder, is this tattoo supremely narcissistic? Or is it a really weird and meta way to celebrate one of the capstone achievements of a career? The answer lies somewhere in the middle. 

Torres getting tattooed. (Via IG - ptyinktattooshop) #sports #soccer #romantorres #mls #seattlesounders

As long as Torres has the ability to laugh at the absurdity of his tattoo choice, then we say no harm no foul. Anyone who gets a tattoo of their own face has to have a sense of humor about it. 

Considering that it was Torres that netted the winning penalty kick for the Sounders, who is going to blame him for getting a little nuts with his celebration? If Panama lives up to their international potential will Torres be making it a full leg sleeve featuring him holding the World Cup over his head in 2018? Only time will tell. 

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