Royally Cool Portrait Tattoos of Queen Elizabeth II

Royally Cool Portrait Tattoos of Queen Elizabeth II

Britain's longest serving monarch has had 65 years to garner up tribute tattoos

Recently, I made a quip about Canada and the Queen of England that a few readers found to be somewhat offensive. The knee-jerk reactionary in me immediately wanted to double down on dissing the crown, but we here at Tattoodo are not in the business of burning bridges, but rather building them. Thus, I would like to take a moment to not necessarily apologize for what I said, but give some sweet props to the world’s favorite 91 year old lady in the form of some totally bitching Queen Elizabeth II tattoos.

Elizabeth was born way back in 1926. At the time of her birth, she was third in line of succession to the British throne, behind her uncle and father. However, after the death of her grandfather, King George V, her uncle became King Edward VIII and quickly abdicated, making her father King George VI and leaving her as heir apparent to the throne.

On February 6th, 1952, her father passed away and Elizabeth ascended to the throne. And she’s been there every since, ruling over the British Empire in a quaint, lovable fashion. As we salute this matronly monarch with some sweet tattoos, so shall we salute her with some random facts about her life.

Back when she was Princess Elizabeth, she was involved in the first trans-Atlantic phone call with her parents who were touring America at the time.

She was also one of the first heads of state to send an email, all the way back in 1976.

She owns all the dolphins in the UK.

Elizabeth’s reign has seen 12 US presidents elected into power. She has also served during the tenures of half a dozen popes.

She is the only person in the UK that can drive without a license.

She once visited the set of long-running UK soap Eastenders.

The Queen has gone through 30 corgis during her reign.

Honestly, after 65 years in power, we thought there would be more wacky facts about Elizabeth. In order to hit word count for this piece, we’re just going to have to drop some alternative facts about her.

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite Ramone was Dee Dee.

In the mid ‘80s, the tech-savvy queen spent most of her free time on hacking-related BBS and was active in the nascent phreaking scene under the name Qu33nB33.

Though never proven, the Queen is suspected of having rigged the 1980 Winter Olympics.

She knows who Banksy is.

And finally, Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite food is spaghetti with ketchup.

Wow! Now those are some amazing facts about the queen. Let’s wash them down with some radical Queen Elizabeth tattoos.

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These Queen Elizabeth tattoos make us here at Tattoodo wish America was still under British dominion. Isn’t she just the best? Don’t you want to give her a nice smooch on the cheek and say, “Thanks for being the whole world’s grandma?”

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