Russell Van Schaick: Abstract Watercolor and Sketch Style Mix Tattoos

Russell Van Schaick: Abstract Watercolor and Sketch Style Mix Tattoos

Florida-based tattoo artist Russell Van Schaick likes to mix it up with watercolor and sketch styles in his pop culture-themed tattoos.

Watercolor style tattoos have been all the rage for quite a time now. Sketch style tattoos on the other hand is only beginning to emerge in terms of tattoo style. Not too many people seem to have been taken by it but drop it in a bowl and mix it with watercolor style and you get Russell Van Schaicks tattoos.

Inspired by the works of painter Agnes Cecile, Russell began a rhythm of painting of his own, with his own medium. Before sitting down with a client on a chair and a machine in his hand, Russell did a lot of studying to mimic a natural watercolor effect in his tattoos. He would observe the way the paint dissolves on paper and practiced the way he would achieve that effect. Then he began learning all the ways to blur and blend with his tattoo machine as he began painting on skin.
On top of that, Russell pairs his watercolor tattoos with subtle sketch style which makes his tattoos even more distinct and entirely his own. Though Russell himself likes to describe them as abstract. The Florida-based tattoo artist makes use of negative spaces, techniques, and colors to give his tattoos a more organic feel—as if they're the real thing (watercolor painting).
“As an artist I feel I have developed a pretty cool abstract watercolor tattoo technique that I really enjoy doing,” he writes in his website.
Fun fact: Russell used to play bass for the metalcore band For All Those Sleeping.
Russell currently tattoos at Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. in Orlando, Florida.
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