Ryo Niitsuma: Majestic Power of Japanese Style Tattoos

Ryo Niitsuma: Majestic Power of Japanese Style Tattoos

Traditional japanese tattoos in clean and masterful execution. Ryo Niitsuma keeps his culture thriving through his tattoo work.

The evolution of traditional Japanese tattooing is restless as the tides, especially in today's tattoo scene. Artists like Ryo Niitsuma manage to keep the fundamentals and strive with their own style.

Cute little goldfish for a sleeve extension done by Ryo Niitsuma. #RyoNiitsuma #DMStattoo #JapaneseTattoo #horimono #fish #goldfish

Ryo Niitsuma is a Japanese tattoo artist from Fukushima, Japan and he specializes in Japanese traditional tattoos. Yes folks, he is as authentic as they come.

Ryo Niitsuma is no ordinary tattooer though. His work is masterfully done, reflected through the clean tattoos he creates. The linework of every part of the tattoo is clean and solid. The colors are vibrant and bright that are made more stunning by the strong black tones in the background. Ryo Niitsuma's tattoos sport traditional Japanese tattoo subjects such as deities, fishes and dragons. The delicate subjects are balanced out by the powerful visual impact of the tattoos, which makes Ryo's tattoo works much more interesting and stunning.

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Phoenix sleeve and chest tattoo by Ryo Niitsuma. #RyoNiitsuma #DMStattoo #JapaneseTattoo #horimono #phoenix #sleeve #japanese

Cute awesome foot tattoo done by Ryo Niitsuma. #RyoNiitsuma #DMStattoo #JapaneseTattoo #horimono #foottattoo #japanese

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