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Sacred Geometry by Gena Puhnarevich

Sacred Geometry by Gena Puhnarevich

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Bold blackwork mandalas and mehndi tattoos by a meticulous artist.

Gena Puhnarevich's body of work is a striking example of why blackwork tattoos made with bold lines and a high frequency of dotwork are far more eye-catching than their fine-lined counterparts. His geometric and mehndi-inspired tattoos are some of the boldest in the world of body art, standing out from their collectors' skin because of how he renders them with such pronounced linework and heavy saturation.

A impressive mandala filled with glaring eyes by Gena Puhnarevich (IG—gena_tattooer). #blackwork #GenaPuhnarevich #mandala #mehndi #sacredgeometry

What makes Puhnarevich's blackwork so outstanding is the power of his weighty lines. For as elaborate as most top-notch geometric tattoos tend to be, it is mind-boggling that he can execute them with such thick lines, especially when he's working on smaller scale pieces. Take the hundred-eyed mandala above for instance. When given enough space with which to work, he packs an astounding amount of detail into his ornamental tattoos, and it results in an impactful and mesmerizing experience on the behalf of the viewer. 

Puhnarevich makes all sorts of different blackwork designs, including illustrative ones, but the incredible variety of geometric tattoos that he produces is the most impressive aspect of his portfolio. Here there are examples of sacred geometry, the foremost of which are his outspoken mandalas. He also professes mehndi styles from numerous cultures, creating permanent pieces of henna on his clientele. He frequently incorporate floral motifs in many of his ornamental pieces of body art as well, and even makes some thoroughly stripped-down abstract geometry, as seen in the one of rhombuses made of only straight lines. 

To see more of Puhnarevich's breathtaking blackwork, make your way to his Instagram. He works at Good Sign Tattoo in Minsk, Belarus should you want to track him down for a geometric masterpiece of your own.

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