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Sacred Geometry by Piotr Szot

Sacred Geometry by Piotr Szot

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The Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, and more.

Polish visual artist Piotr Szot makes amazing blackwork tattoos. He specializes in sacred geometry, and the body art that he creates is both beautiful and complex. His large-scale pieces are particularly captivating. The combination of their size, elaborateness, and intricacy gives the viewer a rather profound viewing experience, almost like gazing at the cosmos from a bird's eye perspective. Check out this sample of his awe-inducing sacred geometry that just might make you wonder if god was a geometer, too.

What makes Szot's portfolio so impressive is the incredible range of geometric figures that he has mastered. Within his astounding portfolio you will find an example of practically every element of sacred geometry — the Flower of Life, mandalas, Metatron's Cube, Sri Yantra, and more. The most interesting facet of some of his larger pieces of body art is that many of them don't just feature singular central geometric symbols but a series of them. He frequently renders them in sequences that stretch down his clients' appendages, making them suggestive of a deeper connection between all of these figures, which is particularly interesting given sacred geometry's foundational principle of an interconnect cosmos. 

Szot's work demonstrates such a large range of tone. Some of his pieces are incredibly dark, while others have a feeling of openness to them because of their lack of heavy saturation and ample negative space. The denser pieces seem to convey the heaviness of this very spiritual subject matter, and the lighter ones emanate an almost heavenly vibe. Szot's work gives viewers a solemn reverence for grandeur, complexity, and the beauty of the universe, which when you really start to closely examine it, seems as if it, too, could have some intelligent design behind it. 

A delightfully airy set of sacred geometric figures from Piotr Szot's body of work (IG—piotrszot). #blackwork #PiotrSzot #scaredgeometry

Should you want to be mesmerized by more of Szot's pristine sacred geometry, wander on over to his Instagram. He is a traveling tattooist who works all over the work, but if you want to see if he's coming nearby you, he can be reached at

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