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Sacred Geometry Extraordinaire Alexis Calvie

Sacred Geometry Extraordinaire Alexis Calvie

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Tattoos that signify the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

When it comes to blackwork tattooists, Alexis Calvie is as versatile and skilled as they come, and although his illustrative work rocks, his forte is definitely sacred geometry. Complexity is the name of his game when it comes to this genre ornate and elaborate tattoos. He works almost exclusively in highly pronounced dotwork to create these large-scale geometric masterpieces, which gives them a very outstanding and profound appearance. Soak in the grandeur of the universe with this handful of his spiritually charged and insanely complex tattoos.

What makes Calvie's sacred geometry so compelling is their perfection. Each piece is as balanced as it is beautiful. He achieves this aesthetic harmony by employing varied yet carefully distributed intensities of dotwork to create the visually striking textures in his ornamental designs. Notice how some swaths in this mind-blowing patterns are completely blacked out, while others have hints of negative space peppered throughout them. Other patches are the exact inverse, completely blank or with only a few black specs to give them definition. Something about his immaculate tattoos brings the phrase "intelligent design" to mind.

Although every single on of his pieces of sacred geometry are divine, Calvie's strongest suit is his mandalas. Each one of these pieces of ornamental bliss are as flawless as they are complex. He does them in an array of stylistic patterns, some angular and star-like, while others bloom out in more rounded ways, almost like flowers. Speaking of flora, he often borders his exquisite and elaborate mandalas with blackwork lotuses and peonies. Though his skillful use of stippling, he illustrates these representations of the universe in such a way that they draw the viewer through their textural intricacies toward their centers. It's almost like being such into a tranquil black hole.

A mesmerizing bordered mandala a la Alexis Calvie (IG-alexiscalvie). #AlexisCalvie #blackwork #dotwork #geometric #sacredgeometry

If you want to have your spirits uplifted by more of Calvie's amazing tattoos, make your way to his Instagram. He owns and operates out of Black Heart Tattoo in Saint-Raphaël, France should you want to seek him out for some sacred geometry for yourself.

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