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Sacred Geometry: Tribal Tattoos of Kenji Alucky

Sacred Geometry: Tribal Tattoos of Kenji Alucky

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Insanely perfect blackwork tribal tattoo patterns.

Kenji Alucky is a blackwork and dotwork tattooist who specialises in epic tribal patterns. 

The Japanese tattooist travels all over to bring his unique tattooing to the rest of the world. Considered the master of this style, he uses only black ink, hence the name of his travelling tattoo brand 'Black Ink Power'.

These psychedelic, creative, perfectly-formed tattoos are like no other - Kenji's work is instantly recognisable as his own!

Kenji is at this year's London Tattoo Convention - are you going?

Explore more about the artist and the rest of the Black Ink Power team online.

Written byRebecca

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