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Sarah Whitehouse's Adorable Dotwork Little Girl Tattoos

Sarah Whitehouse's Adorable Dotwork Little Girl Tattoos

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Bring out your dollhouses for Sarah Whitehouse's darling little girls in pretty blackwork and pointillism!

Before we get started, tune in to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Melanie Martinez because Cry Baby will be the perfect soundtrack for Manchester-based tattooer, Sarah Whitehouse's blackwork darlings. 

While she tattoos almost everything from tiny fawns to Totoro and Winnie the Pooh, the most prevalent theme in her blackwork creations are sweet, little girls in babydoll dresses and cute bandannas. The young tattoo artist likes to incorporate moderately macabre themes in her little girl tattoos as she draws up a girl with see-through skeletal system, a headless little girl, and little bat babies.

The girls remind me of Kelly, the toddler counterpart of Barbie, with their sweet simplicity and childlike innocence — only with a certain Wednesday Addams vibe in all that blackwork and grim. Sarah's works aren't as mellow and innocent as the storybook style blackwork of Susanne König, nor is it as dark and savage as Róbert Borbás'. Hers is a dark darling framed with lovely dotwork details and filled with rich blackwork.

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Meet the rest of Sarah's dotwork girls here.

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