Savage Animal Tattoos by Gordon Combs

Savage Animal Tattoos by Gordon Combs

Old school animal tattoos don't get any better than this!

Wolf, tiger, gorilla, bear. You name it - Gordon Combs tattoos it! He is a tattoo artist any body art lover needs to follow, the intense traditional style of Combs is enough to blow you away and anyone of his designs would be a welcome addition to any serious tattoo collector.

Now aside from the usual traditional designs, Combs has a talent for bold animal tattoos, and when we say bold we mean bold!! These animal design will leave you shaking in your boots! 

Ferocious character, bloodied teeth and the eyes of an untamed beast, the animal tattoos of Combs are striking. He does tattoo some lighter animal designs to. Checkout these awesome traditional animal tattoos by Combs and let us know which designs you enjoy the most!

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All photos from Combs Instagram

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