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Scorpion Tattoos To Make Ur Skin Crawl

Scorpion Tattoos To Make Ur Skin Crawl

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These scorpion tattoos are just the thing to frighten away almost anyone...while looking hella cool at the same time.

We adore scorpion in theory we'd adore scorpions too, right? No. Absolutely not. Some of us here at Tattoodo grew up in the desert where the creepy lil guys are just runnin all over the place. We've heard stories of scorpion eggs hatching in peoples ears, scorpions that can cling to literally anything...even when submerged in water...We've heard of people hiking around, trying to enjoy nature, when suddenly they are attacked and eaten by 50 rouge scorpions. Okay, so these are all probably some of those terrible old wives tales to keep you from doing dumb things like...having scorpions as pets...but ya know what? To each their own.

Apparently scorpions aren't actually all that terrible. They make pretty good pets even! Low key, and low'll almost never notice they're there. And in nature, they actually aren't usually aggressive to humans. All scorpion species have different venom, so levels of toxicity are hard to measure...that being said, it takes the scorpion a lot of energy to produce venom so it is only used in cases of emergency such as to subdue prey, in self defense, and...apparently..some scorpions even use it when mating. Think about that next time you check out your dope scorpion tattoo, eh!

We checked out some other tattoo blog about the meanings of this vicious doods, because...honestly reading hilarious crap about tattoos tickles us to do deep meanings for things that don't really need meaning...such as bad ass scorpion tattoos, but ANYWAY..they said that on males scorpion pieces mean sexuality and virility while on women, it means strength and the ability to "take on anyone". So. Let that chill in ur brain a bit, and get back to us on ur thoughts. In our world, your scorpion tattoo may totally have meaning, but to us...its just another super kewl tattoo.

Written byTattoodo

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