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Seam Lines: Minimalist Outline Tattoos That Prove ‘Less is More’

Seam Lines: Minimalist Outline Tattoos That Prove ‘Less is More’

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

Trace the invisible outlines of your body with thin, straight lines that exude sensuality and minimalism.

Caution: You're going to be reading the word ‘minimalist’ a lot in this post. So if you believe tattoos are supposed to be these great majestic pieces that shouldn't be anything less than the size of your palm, this isn't for you. Go look at some hand jammers, because the beauty of minimalism will prove to be too much for you in this one.

Ear seam tattoo by cosmic.karma via Instagram. #line #seamline #minimalist

It may be odd or even quite outlandish for somebody to just wake up one day and decide that they want to get a tattoo of a continuous line all over their body. But I think it's beautiful. You have to appreciate many kinds of things to be able to marvel at something as plain and simple as a line. It's going to make me look like a modernistic hipster twat — the same ones who would attend an ‘invisible’ art show — but hear me out. There's something beautiful about a tattoo that's going subtle and striking at the same time. It's less and more in one.

By less and more, I mean the utter simplicity and the minimalist spectacle that it is at the same time. It's not a tattoo everyone will appreciate but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. It's not a tattoo that necessarily has a great meaning but it doesn't really have to either. 

Hand poke tattooers and their flawless linework. Just like this one by pokeeeeeeeoh.

No one really knows how seam line tattoos existed and who's the minimalist freak mastermind, but nobody's complaining because these things are gorgeous. I know it's difficult to call something that's nothing more than a line beautiful but I think it is. I'm not saying the tattoo itself is so poignant and deep that it's making me shit myself over its eloquence. It's all about the aesthetic. Most of us can't even hold a straight line when drawing on paper for even just a few seconds and these guys managed to do it on skin. Think about that. 

Tattooist Doy tones it down with a single, straight line.

You gotta love the flawless hand poke technique of Indy Voet.

A beautiful vandalism by Russian tattoo artist Natasja Barashkova.

Warren Morissens (MXW) is responsible for many sensual blackwork hand tattoos.

Trace your back with striking spine line tattoos.

Seam line tattoo, artist unknown. #line #seamline #minimalist

Something to feed you minimalist soul:

Hand seam tattoo by Kenji Alucky. #KenjiAlucky #line #seamline #handseam #minimalist

Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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