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Season 1 of the 'The Tattoo Shop' Wraps-Up

Season 1 of the 'The Tattoo Shop' Wraps-Up

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As the first season of 'The Tattoo Shop' Wraps-Up, we look back on our favorite moments, while also looking forward to what comes next!

Season 1 of 'The Tattoo Shop' has been an awesome journey for the resident artists, guest artists, clients, and viewers alike. Under the lens of a camera, we saw tattoos come to life, Masterpieces and minimal ink alike. We also got to see the back stories of our favorite tattoo artists: Ami James, Tommy Montoya, Chris Nunez, Darren Brass and Chris Garver. These personal spotlights gave us an in-depth look about the beginnings of the artist, and how they developed their skills to become the master craftsmen in the tattooing art form that they are today.

We've had some incredibly inspiring clients on the show as well, including Taiki Masuda, Jan Grarup, and Rob Jones. In Episode 7 we meet Rob, and hear about how he lost both legs in Sangin, Afghanistan due to an IED. Rob says that since the tragedy, he’s worked hard to overcome adversity through a lot of different activities, he even won a bronze medal in the Paralympics, “I’ve become stronger, and a better person.” In Episode 3 Patience Carter, a survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that happened in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016, comes to the shop to be tattooed by Chris Nunez. She tells her incredible and heart wrenching story and explains, “You have to choose to move on. You have to choose to live.” Each of the wonderful clients turns their personal story into a tattoo that memorializes their strength and the wisdom they gained from experience.

Guest spots were filled with some of the most respected names in the business including Oscar Akermo, Sasha Unisex, and Antony Flemming. We learned a lot about what makes artists tick; their passions, their motivations, and how they create tattoos that capture mass attention and adoration. All of the artists describe how their love for tattooing continues to push them to the next level in their craft; they're consistently evolving to become the best tattoo artist they can be. In Episode 6 of 'The Tattoo Shop' we meet Christopher Henriksen who guest spots, stopping in from Denmark from the shop Out of Frame. He says, “I just love tattooing. It’s a good way of life. I can do what I want and create nice stuff everyday and just make people happy.”

Antony tattooing his wife, Belle Jorden #AntonyFlemming #thetattooshop #miami #wynwood #tvseries #facebookwatch
Antony tattooing his wife, Belle Jorden #AntonyFlemming #thetattooshop #miami #wynwood #tvseries #facebookwatch

Looking back on Season 1, Garver says, "I hope the audience can see how much we love doing what we do and that we are trying to show our art in a positive and inspiring way. When we all started in this art we were like the young visiting artists on the show and really wanted to prove ourselves. It’s great to be around the new generation of artists to be inspired by and to also pass down our knowledge."

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