Sensual Geometric Pointillism Tattoos by Pawel Indulski

Sensual Geometric Pointillism Tattoos by Pawel Indulski

Experience the sensual dotwork tattoos of Polish tattoo artist Pawel Indulski as he blends his beautiful designs into overlay tattoos.

Through contemporary art ideas and innovations, you may never have to settle with the same rose tattoo everyone else already has. You have tons of options these days and in addition to having a unique, artistic piece on your skin, you also get to be a part of an artist's journey into discovering their skills, vision, and outputs. Tattooing may be available for almost everyone but that doesn't mean anybody can become one skilled tattoo artist who has the ability to create something new.

Pawel ‘Dotyk’ Indulski is part of the growing, revolutionary tattoo artists who are embracing as much growth and knowledge as they can towards an indefinite goal which is to create something that can outlast them and carry their legacies. Based in Warsaw, Poland, Pawel is currently working his magic in Dirty Lust Studio. Pawel's style is a fusion of fine art-inspired subjects, pointillism, negative space, and geometric elements. These result to classy, refined pieces that exude sensuality and sophistication.

Overlaying also plays a big part in Pawel's works, giving dimension to his tasteful negative spaces. He also introduces gradient effects in his works whenever shadow and heavy shading is at play.

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