Sensual Handpoked Tattoos by Anya Barsukova

Sensual Handpoked Tattoos by Anya Barsukova

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, this hand poke tattoo artist will mesmerize you with her minimalist sacred geometric designs.

With her manual technique in tattooing, one could easily assume Anya Barsukova's expertise lies within the bounds of traditional art. But Anya gets the best of both worlds, as she actually started out studying graphic design and digital illustrations as a college student. Fast forward to the present, she's now happily making tangible art in the studio of renowned blackworker Sasha Masiuk.

Handpoked arm tattoo by Anya Barsukova. #AnyaBarsukova #handpoke #minimalist #sacredgeometry #microtattoo

At Sashatattooing Studio, she and a group of other talented young women work together in harmony, equipped with their own styles and techniques. Anya happens to be the hand poke diva of the group, promoting the studio's flair for sacred geometry and sensuality with her stunning, minimalist designs. All done by hand.

Handpoked golden ratio tattoo by Anya Barsukova. #AnyaBarsukova #handpoke #minimalist #geometry #goldenratio

Trace your spine with sensual spine line tattoos.

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Who needs bracelets when you've got tattoos like this?

Handpoked arm bracelet tattoo by Anya Barsukova. #AnyaBarsukova #handpoke #minimalist #sacredgeometry #armband #bracelet

A stunning collarbone tattoo to frame your body.

Handpoked collarbone tattoo by Anya Barsukova. #AnyaBarsukova #handpoke #minimalist #sacredgeometry #microtattoo

Minimalism is when less is more.

Unalome tattoos really are so satisfying to look at.

All photos were taken from Anya's Instagram

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