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Serene Surrealism from the Talented Arlo DiCristina

Serene Surrealism from the Talented Arlo DiCristina

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Life-like and bizarre, dream-like and unique, DiCristina's tattoos are a beauty to behold.

Arlo DiCristina creates amazingly lifelike and surreal tattoos with an incredible sense of adventure. His pieces fuse portraiture, other tattoo motifs, and even entire landscapes in a seamless as well as breathtaking manner. Besides the sheer exquisiteness of his illustrations, his work is remarkable for how it captures the human perspective so sublimely.

DiCristina's skill as a portraitist is what enables him to push the creative boundaries of realism. His depictions of people are incredibly detailed. One can see, for instance, the individual wrinkles, veins, and even strands of their beards in each of his elderly figures. His mastery over this picture-perfect approach to tattooing makes it possible to bend the rules of form so that disparate types of imagery can be combined in such an awe-inspiring manner. In his hands, the folds of a brow can become the rigging on a clipper and the flow of a river can transform into a teardrop running down a beautiful woman's face.

By combining portraits with other imagery in such a surreal way, DiCristina illustrates how the beauty of the natural world tends to resound in the hearts of mankind. He frequently illustrates faces with landscapes where their scalps should be, as if they are gazing out on mountain ranges or city skylines and letting the majesty of such sights linger in their thoughts. In this uncanny fashion, he channels the human perspective with authenticity, literally illustrating how we internalize the outward world. At other times, however, he uses the associative power of mashups to evoke other meanings. His pieces featuring skulls, for instance, seem to gesture toward how death weighs on all of our minds. 

If you'd like to bask in the surreal splendor of DiCristina's work a while longer, wind your way over to his Instagram. He currently operates out of Grand Junction, CO and travels a bit, too. He can be contacted via his website should you want an unbelievable tattoo by him as well.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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