SESSIONS: Adorned in the Classics by Brad Stevens

SESSIONS: Adorned in the Classics by Brad Stevens

In our latest SESSIONS, we head to the world famous NY Adorned to catch up with resident artist Brad Stevens.

New York Adorned was founded at the dawn of the NYC tattoo Renaissance. Owner Lori Leven opened up shop before the craft was legal in 1996, and has been running the studio like a well-oiled machine ever since.

To this day, the studio houses some of the finest artists New York City has to offer and with that, we’d like to introduce Adorned resident artist, and full-timer Brad Stevens.

One look into his portfolio will reveal some of the most laser-precise tattooing you’ve ever seen. With nary a wobbly line in sight, Stevens has a penchant for doling out impossibly clean, bright, bold, custom traditional work that is readable from across the street.

Throughout his youth, Brad could always be found drawing. After some time noticing tattooed punks at local shows, he realized there just might be a way to take his favorite hobby, and make it a career.

Tools of the trade (Photo by Jessica Paige) ( IG - brad_stevens) #Sessions #NYAdorned #BradStevens

“It’s hard to make a name for yourself within traditional tattooing because they’re are so many people doing it well,” Stevens says. “But I just make sure that it all goes through the filter of me. I’m doing all the drawing. You’re never going to see one of my tattoos done by someone else unless they ripped it off, and you’re never gonna see me do someone else’s tattoo, verbatim.”

Now, with nearly 10 years of tattooing under his belt, Stevens has got his style down to a science. Be it a fierce tiger head, or a pretty peony, the fundamentals seem to be instinct. Clean black outlines lay a perfect foundation for his limited color palette, and simple, yet strong, composition. The result? Classic, quality tattoos that will hold their weight over time.

We’re happy to have had the opportunity to fly-on-the-wall Brad’s process as he brought an impossibly perfect white Hannya to life.

For more of Stevens exemplary work, check out his Instagram.

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