SESSIONS: All Eyes on Yomico Moreno

SESSIONS: All Eyes on Yomico Moreno

We watch as the Venezuelan artist finishes off a surreal sleeve tattoo at NYC's Last Rites Tattoo Theatre.

Ever since he picked up his first tattoo machine back in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, Yomico Moreno has been revolutionizing the way that people think about tattoo realism. Working in both color and black and grey, many times blending the two styles within his pieces, Moreno excels at creating photorealistic tattoos filled with impeccable detail.

In this episode of SESSIONS, we watch as Moreno puts the finishing touches on a surrealistic sleeve using one of his signature motifs — a person’s eye. While primarily black and grey, the sleeve mixes in dashes of color throughout, giving the entire piece a dreamlike quality that all comes to a conclusion at the top of the shoulder. Reflected within the pupil of an enormous eye stand two silhouettes, hand in hand.

Throughout his career, Moreno has drawn enormous inspiration from eyes. While working in portraiture, the eyes serve as the emotional center of his pieces. Each figure’s immaculately detailed expression tells more about the portrait than words ever could. But it is when the eye serves as the main focus that Moreno truly stands alone.

Sometimes Moreno goes for hyper-realistic accuracy with his eyes, paying special attention to every single eyelash, pore, and tear duct in addition to the eyeball. Moreno’s focus on the peripheral parts of the eye makes the pupil — the main attraction of the eye, if you will — pop and demand your attention. When subpar artists only focus on the glamour elements and rush over the rest, it makes their work pale in comparison to Moreno’s.

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So feast your eyes on some of the most dazzling peepers you ever will see, then watch our SESSIONS video to see some of the work that goes into creating these masterpieces. Yomico Moreno tattoos out of New York City’s Last Rites Tattoo Theatre.

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