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SESSIONS: Anka Lavriv's Art Nouveau-Inspired Blackwork

SESSIONS: Anka Lavriv's Art Nouveau-Inspired Blackwork

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Our latest SESSIONS features Anka Lavriv, owner of Black Iris Tattoo Studio, bringing one of her intricate illustrations to life.

From a young age, Anka Lavriv was passionate about making art. Like most kids, she spent hours drawing and coloring, but it was one unique experience that planted the seed which would eventually grow into a thriving career. “My dad's friend was a tattoo artist and he made me a rotary machine and let me go over his old tattoos and watch him work,” Lavriv recalled.

Over a period of years Lavriv was able to establish a following for her fine art pieces that had been heavily influenced from the black ink lithographs that she adored as a child. Since she had already made her mark as an artist, once she decided to give tattooing a second chance it wasn’t hard to find people ready and willing to let her practice on their skin.

“My biggest influences are Art Nouveau, and I would say artists like Takato Yamamoto, like Vania Zouravliov, like very black and white, detail-oriented stuff,” Lavriv says. “I'm slowly shifting my tattoo work from custom to designs that are closer to my artwork.” Black Iris, a cozy studio in the heart of Brooklyn, is covered in illustrations by Lavriv her co-workers, establishing the shop’s vibe. The drawings of dreamy goddess-like women, nature-inspired mysticism and occult themed pieces lining the walls all share the same traits — clean black lines, heavily symbolic imagery and millions of tiny, tiny dots.

Anka Lavriv at work during our latest SESSIONS at Black Iris Tattoo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. #ankalavriv #sessions #blackwork #tattooartist #blackiristattoo

From charming little animal portraits and masterful copies of famous paintings (we see you, Klimt) to intricate floral compositions, it’s safe to say that nothing epitomizes Lavriv’s aesthetic quite like her ethereal depictions of women. We had the opportunity to chat with Anka and watch one of her goddesses come to life for our latest Sessions video.

One of Lavriv's signature ethereal blackwork ladies. Photo via IG- #ankalavriv #sessions #blackwork #tattooartist #blackiristattoo #illustrative #ladyhead

Anka takes her appointments out of Black Iris Tattoo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. You can find more of her work here

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