SESSIONS: Becca Genné-Bacon's Bright & Bold Traditional

SESSIONS: Becca Genné-Bacon's Bright & Bold Traditional

Watch as tattoo artist Becca Genné-Bacon creates a beautifully bright and bold traditional tattoo portrait of a fox.

One would think that it would be difficult to stand out when surrounded by some of the world’s greatest artists, especially when you’ve only been tattooing for roughly five years, but Becca Genné-Bacon’s traditional style is so solid and bold that there is no way it could be overlooked.

In this episode of SESSIONS we go to New York City’s prestigious Kings Avenue to get a peek as Genné-Bacon tattoos a traditional portrait of a fox, one of the many signature animal portraits she excels at. One way to describe Genné-Bacon’s style would be to imagine what would happen if Beatrix Potter was reincarnated as a tattooer, such is the way that she breathes personality into each one of her portraits. By adding seemingly innocuous details —a gleam in the eye hinting at a penchant for mischief, a slightly upturned lip hinting at a coming snarl — to each of her animal portraits, Genné-Bacon tells entire stories within her work.

In progress fox tattoo by Becca Genné-Bacon. Photo by Jessica Paige

Part of what makes Genné-Bacon’s work so impressive is the way that she is able to apply a feminine touch while still adhering to all of the fundamentals of traditional tattooing. All of the solid black lines and bold colors are there, but they are accompanied by delicate filigree flourishes that take a bit of the edge off.

Located on the second floor of a corner building in the Bowery, Kings Avenue is set up specifically to foster creativity among the shop’s talented roster of artists. The open floor plan encourages collaboration and communication among the tattooers, the light coming in from two sides gives the shop and inviting feel — in other words it is the perfect place for a young artist’s skills to flourish. And flourish they have! Considering how far she has come in only five years as a tattooer, we can’t wait to see what Genné-Bacon’s future holds.

Becca Genné-Bacon works out of NYC's Kings Avenue Tattoo. To get your fill of solid traditional make sure you check out her latest work on her Instagram. 

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