SESSIONS: Danny Orellana's Fine Line Black & Grey

SESSIONS: Danny Orellana's Fine Line Black & Grey

We visit one of the oldest shops in NYC to watch Orellana create a fine line black and grey masterpiece.

Working out of one of New York City’s oldest tattoo shops, Fineline Tattoo, Danny Orellana is making a name for himself thanks to his work in fine line black and grey. In this episode of SESSIONS we watch as Orellana riffs on the classic motif of a snake wrapped around a rose.

“The tattoos I do are my version of fine line black and grey inspired by classic tattoo designs and biker flash from the ‘80s and ‘90s,” Orellana explains. And that’s what you see throughout his portfolio as Orellana offers his own take on skulls, roses, dragons, daggers and more.

Born in Ecuador and now living in New York City, Orellana has been perfecting his style for a decade. Giving the throwback nature of his tattoos, it’s hard to imagine him finding a more perfect home than Fineline Tattoo.

Founded in a loft located in New York City’s East Village back in 1976 by Mike Bakaty, Fineline started as a private tattoo studio for a very good reason — tattooing was illegal. But the law has never been enough to stop New Yorkers from doing what they want, so Bakaty set up shop anyways. In 1997 the tattooing ban was finally lifted and Fineline moved into a proper storefront on the Lower East Side.

Since then the shop hasn’t changed all that much, it has remained a no frills street shop filled with tattooers pumping out quality work. Orellana and his style fit the shop’s vibe like a glove. Expect to see him there for many more years, churning out sick fine line black and grey tattoos.

Be sure to follow Danny Orellana’s work on his Instagram. And if you are looking to get a classic fine line black and grey tattoo of your own, make sure to visit Fineline Tattoo.  

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