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SESSIONS: Frankie Caraccioli’s Death in Paradise Tattoos

SESSIONS: Frankie Caraccioli’s Death in Paradise Tattoos

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Tattoos of the Grim Reaper have never been so laid back.

Who doesn’t want to die chilling on the beach, the sunset reflecting off their shades and a warm breeze gently blowing through their hair? There’s no better way to bite the dust. 

Caraccioli’s unique spin on the Grim Reaper has become extremely popular. Fans actively seek him out to get one of his Death in Paradise pieces, rendezvousing with him during guest spots and conventions or traveling to the shop where he works, Port City Tattoo in Costa Mesa, CA.

“Clients are the ones keeping my Death in Paradise tattoos going. I do lots of other tattoos, but recently, there’s been a wave of them. Collaborating to come up with the designs is the best part,” Caraccioli continues. “That’s how all the different landscapes happened. One of my clients told me, ‘Well I don’t live by the beach, I live in Montana,’ so we put his reaper overlooking some snow covered mountains.” 

To see more tattoos of what could one day be your final destination, make sure to visit Caraccioli’s Instagram. You can also pick up Death in Paradise apparel here. Should you want a reaper to chill on your body until you die in your own personal paradise, get in touch with Caraccioli. He can be reached at

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