SESSIONS: Meia’s Detailed Illustrative Blackwork

SESSIONS: Meia’s Detailed Illustrative Blackwork

Meia gave up a chef’s life in Brazil to learn how to tattoo, a skill that has taken him all the way to New York City.

It’s hard enough to follow one dream to completion in this life, which is what makes Meia’s story all the more incredible. After graduating culinary school Meia immediately began working in prestigious kitchens, including a few Michelin star rated joints, before becoming sous chef in one of the best restaurants in his hometown of Curitiba, Brazil. One would think that this would be it, the dream has been accomplished and a career has been established. But this would be just the beginning.

It was during that first year as a sous chef that Meia was bit by the tattoo bug. Inspired by his brother who was already working as a tattoo artist, Meia’s mind wandered towards creating art instead of food. Soon he became an investor in the shop as he began his journey to learn how to tattoo on his own. As part of an artistic family — in addition to his tattooer brother, Meia’s mother is a fine artist — Meia’s decision to switch gears was fully supported. And in the end, it paid off.

Five years later, Meia is working out of a private studio in Bushwick and making a name for himself with his illustrative blackwork tattoos. Creating the perfect environment for his art to thrive was essential for the Brazilian tattooer. “I just like to have this quiet environment and to be able to work on my thing,” Meia explains. “Either tattooing, painting, or illustrating I have the peace that I think is necessary to work with.”

In this episode of SESSIONS, Meia creates an illustrative take on the snake-haired goddess Medusa. “I like to interpret any kind of illustration to become blackwork,” Meia says. “Cause I just really, really like it. It’s the most solid way to tattoo and it lasts longer. I think it’s more honest.”

It is clear to us that Meia has found his true calling in tattooing. But who knows? Maybe he’ll get a little itchy in a few years and remake himself in an entirely new industry. After all, he has done it before. And we’d love to see what that new undertaking would be. But for now, let’s just enjoy Meia’s detailed blackwork tattoos.

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