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SESSIONS: Timeless, Elegant, Black & Grey by Javier Betancourt

SESSIONS: Timeless, Elegant, Black & Grey by Javier Betancourt

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From Pre-med to the Tattoo Shop, Betancourt's artistic journey has been far from average.

Down on the lively thoroughfare that is SW 8th Street, you might stumble across a colorful neighborhood just outside Little Havana where strip-malls reign king, and pink stucco is a lifestyle. Calle Ocho is the name. Palm trees dot long avenues of store-fronts, barbershops and beauty salons — a healthy mix of merengue and Pitbull pour out of the windows of cars that whiz by. Nestled in this one-of-a-kind neighborhood is a modest two story tattoo studio that is home to some of the cleanest, finest tattooing South Florida has to offer. 

In his younger days Betancourt graduated High School early at the age of 16, all the while in dual-enrollment taking college pre-med classes. A whiz kid for real.

Black and grey hand tattoos by Javier Betancourt. (IG - javierbetancourt) #SESSIONS #JavierBetancourt #HandTattoo #Scorpion #Butterfly

Do you remember your first experience with tattoos?

Details... Religious tattoo made by Javier Betancourt. (IG - javierbetancourt) #SESSIONS #JavierBetancourt #Jesus #religioustattoo #blackandgrey #traditionaltattoo

Were you ready to take over the shop at that point? Was it a sudden passing?

Javier Betancourt tattoos a client with a beautiful collection of his work. (IG - javierbetancourt) #SESSIONS #JavierBetancourt #OchoPlacas #handtattoo #Miami

Traditional tattooing is noticeably your primary method of work, when did you begin to gravitate more towards the style you do?

Black and grey traditional tattoos, all made by Javier Betancourt. (IG - javierbetancourt) #JavierBetancourt #blackandgrey #stomachtattoo #traditionaltattoo

What values in tattooing do you hold sacred?

Javier is a full-time owner and artist at Ocho Placas Tattoo Company. Find him on Instagram here.

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