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SESSIONS: Vibrant Realism by Oahu's Sean McCready

SESSIONS: Vibrant Realism by Oahu's Sean McCready

Tattoo Artists3 min Read

In this episode of SESSIONS, Sean McCready works on a realistic underwater-themed leg sleeve.

Waikiki Beach. There’s nothing quite like it in the world. A vibrant, bustling, modern day city-scape comes to a jarring halt, giving way to the city’s famed white-sand beaches. A casual volcano protrudes in the backdrop. Each year, Waikiki caters to nearly 8 million people visiting the island of Oahu to get a taste of Hawaiian culture, and for some, this includes getting tattooed.

Vibrant Phoenix by Sean McCready. (IG - seanmccready) #SESSIONS #SeanMcCready #Hawaii #realistictattoo #phoenix #sleeve

In-progress Octopus by Sean McCready. (IG - seanmccready) #SESSIONS #SeanMcCready #Hawaii #realistictattoo #octopus

What were you doing before tattooing?

What values in tattooing do you hold sacred and what makes them important to you?

There’s an obvious connection between your work and your surroundings. How has living in Hawaii influenced your tattooing?

Sea turtle in the making by Sean McCready. (IG - seanmccready) #SESSIONS #SeanMcCready #Hawaii #realistictattoo #seaturtle #turtle

Sean accepts his appointments at Tattoolicious, Hawaii. Find him on Instagram here

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