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Seventh Day Tattoo: Spotlight On Tritoan Ly

Seventh Day Tattoo: Spotlight On Tritoan Ly

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

We get a glimpse are the work of one of the exceptional artists at Seventh Day Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand.

Seventh Day Tattoo, owned by artist Tritoan Ly, is home to some of New Zealand's most sought after tattooers including Hannah Nova Dudley and Minnie. 

Using the same skill set that a naturalist would when out in the field, but applying it to the tattoo medium, Ly's style is perfect for floral subject matter. Strong, bold lines combine with detailed stippling to give the flowers life and vigor. 

This is textbook-perfect placement. 

As well as creating exceptionally beautiful tattoos, Tritoan captures them in stunning photography featured on his Instagram page.

Written byRebecca

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