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Shake Your Bones, Baby: Skeleton Tattoos

Shake Your Bones, Baby: Skeleton Tattoos

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Why did the skeleton stay home from the party? He didn't have any body to go with! Good thing these skeleton tattoos are fit for every body.

Ain't no skeletons in this here closet, cuz we wear them all out in the open! Skeleton tattoos are certainly one of the most popular tattoos out there...partly because they're an important part of popular iconography, but also because they symbolize a lot of those deep human existential questions we through out into the universe every once, What does life mean? When will I die? Where do we go when we die? What does it feel like? You know...those heavy kind of thoughts that we all think from time to time. Obviously, skulls and skeletons sort of represent these things because, obviously, they are so closely related to death. But...death doesn't always have to be scary...and some of these pieces prove that.

Did you know that the adult human body has 206 bones? And they actually continue to grow from birth all the way up to around 25! What's also interesting is that babies actually have more goin' on their bods than just those 206 pieces. "The skeleton of a newborn baby has approximately 300 different components, which are a mixture of bones and cartilage. The cartilage eventually solidifies into bone in a process called ossification — for example, the kneecaps of newborns start off as cartilage and become bone in a few years." Weird! The human body is actually totally, starting with the skeleton for sure...but have you ever wondered about the science behind your ability to see? We'll tackle that on another day...

By the way...most of your bones are actually in your hands and feet. Which makes sense since those babies sure do a whole lot of wiggling around. But did you also know that all the bones are connected? Maybe you remember learning the Skeleton Song, technically called Dem Bones, when you were a kid? It's actually a spiritual song..."The lyrics are inspired by Ezekiel 37:1-14, where the prophet Ezekiel visits the "Valley of Dry Bones" and prophesies that they will one day be resurrected at God's command..." But these days kinder's usually just learn it to remember that, "Toe bone connected to the foot bone, Foot bone connected to the heel bone, Heel bone connected to the ankle bone, Ankle bone connected to the shin bone..." and so on and so forth...

Yessir, there are many incredible things about the human anatomy. And we're not sure how anatomically correct these skeleton tattoos are, but maybe you can try to spot all of the actual discrepancies or realities in these depictions of our bodies! We definitely love all of the boney friends in this collection, especially the dancing ones, but's actually not your bones that move's the muscle that are attached them! Everything works together wonderfully...and we're pretty stoked to have a good ol' skeleton too. might not be so bad being a squishy jellyfish. Believe it or not, vertebrates, animals with skeletons, are only 2% of the entire animal kingdom, the other 98% are invertebrates...we guess that makes us kinda special!

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