Sharp Blackwork Knife Tattoos by Buio Letizi

Sharp Blackwork Knife Tattoos by Buio Letizi

If you want a blackwork knife tattoo then Buio Letizi is your guy!

Knife tattoos are always awesome, and when they're done in nothing but black you can't beat them. 

Tattooing from the renowned AKA Berlin, tattoo artist Buio Letizi is all about clean blackwork tattoos, and rad knife tattoos are a speciality of his. Inspired by a variety of different knives and daggers, the designs of Letizi are different in look, but are very much of the same blackwork style Letizi is known for. A design any blackwork collector has to have, Letizi's knife tattoos standout as some of the best blade tattoos you'll see. His use of dotwork and light shading makes them that much better. 

Images from Instagram.

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