Sharp Color Portrait Tattoos by Crispy Lennox

Sharp Color Portrait Tattoos by Crispy Lennox

Iconic people from history, the arts, and film characters get the painterly tattoo treatment.

I introduced you to Crispy Lennox and his neo traditional creature tattoos a few months back, but today it's all about his portrait tattoos.

Scrolling through his Instagram account, it seems that Lennox is steering away from neo traditional tattooing, and moving towards doing more realism tattoos. While many realism tattooers focus on pop culture icons, Lennox's work is a reflection of how his clients are inspired by iconic people in history and artists outside of tattooing. 

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The painterly style to his portrait tattoos literally make it look as though artwork has been transferred from canvas to skin. For portrait tattoos with much deeper meaning, check out the work of Crispy Lennox. 

All photos from Lennox Instagram account

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