Sharp Neo Traditional and Realistic Tattoos by Nate Graves

Sharp Neo Traditional and Realistic Tattoos by Nate Graves

One artist, two styles. Few tattoo artists can pull this off. Nate Graves happens to be one of them.

Having a distinct tattoo style makes an artist focus more on his work. But, mastering two contrasting styles is another thing. Look- I'm not saying it can't be done because there are a lot of awesome tattooers out there!

Nate Graves is a seasoned brilliant tattoo artist from Marquette, Michigan. He works and does awesome tattoos at Sacred Tattoo. His tattoo style is versatile; he can make awesome neo traditional tattoos and execute clean, smooth realistic black and grey designs as well. His work is no joke as he is a master of both styles. There is a huge aesthetic difference of the two.

First, the neo traditional Americana tattoos that are absolutely clean and vibrant. May it be new custom tattoos or cover-up/blast overs, the tattoos are solid! Every detail and crisp linework is solid and strong. Not to mention the shading technique what gives that extra spunk. The colors used are super vibrant and definitely stand out.

Now, let's move on to his black and grey/realistic tattoo work. His approach to the black and grey style is incredible. The clean soft lines needed to make enough backbone for the tattoo are really done in a subtle yet solid way. The shadings are perfectly executed. There is such finesse with the shading, values and shadow play. Lastly, highlights are really done with enough restraint and are sure to make the realistic feel more stunning.

Here are some black and grey tattoos by Nate Graves:

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All images via Instagram.

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