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Sharp & Stunning Black Geometric Tattoos by Otheser

Sharp & Stunning Black Geometric Tattoos by Otheser

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World-class illustrative and black geometric work

Otheser is a world-class tattoo artist who is also a member of the exclusive tattoo club the Dark Side Tattoo Society. His black geometric work is truly second to none. He illustrates splendid ornate figures like mandalas flawlessly, and he also professes a more illustrative style — fearsome beasts, winged insects, and jaw-dropping skulls — that he intermingles with his sometimes elaborate and other times minimalist but always stunning geometry. 

The tattoos in which Otheser incorporates beastly imagery are some of his most compelling. The way he borders the busts of alpha predators with heavily saturated ornamentation makes them incredibly pronounced, almost as if they are leaping out at you. His more minimalist approach seen in the moth and cicada tattoos exemplify how a lighter touch with black geometry creates a completely different experience on the behalf of the viewer, urging them to engage with abstraction as opposed to elaborateness.

Some of our favorite tattoos of his are the ones that depict skeletal imagery. Otheser's skulls are almost intimidating in their exquisiteness, and as already illustrated by his creature tattoos, they also displays a wide spectrum of his black geometric work's varying degrees of intensity. 

Though Otheser's illustrative style is impressive, his more traditional work is arguably they best because of how perfect his execution of this style is. Though many tattoo artists make mandalas, only the best in the world can compare to Otheser's. They are utterly breath-taking in their immaculateness.

Gorgeous geometry and floral work on the nape by Otheser (IG—otheser_dsts). #floral #geometric #largescale #mandala #nape #Otheser

We hope you found Otheser's black geometry as superb we do. If you want to see more of his work check out this article and follow him on Instagram. We will make sure to write about more of his tattoos soon since he is a prolific artist. Also, you can email him to request a booking at 

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