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She Rides Wild Horses...and Has Horse Tattoos Too.

She Rides Wild Horses...and Has Horse Tattoos Too.

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Get a lil country with us, sing some Kenny Rogers, and go wild for these gorgeous horse tattoos.

Horse tattoos...they are iconic, stand the test of time, and are, ultimately, absolutely inspirational in their symbolism for freedom, strength and power. These animals have had a special bond with humanity over the centuries, as substantiated by the ever popular Pharaoh's Horses tattoo, and they continue to hold a significant spot in our hearts. These horse tattoos span a varied array of styles, aesthetics, and design motifs that we hope will spark your imagination and have you running to your favorite artist or shop to get more inked up. Imagine what your horse tattoo would say....what it would look like.

In this collection we have three distinct horse tattoos depicting the archetypal Pharaoh's Horses, a mainstay of tattoo history since the early 1900's, along with the Rock of Ages, and other Christian tattoos such as Jesus portraits and The Last Supper. Based on an 1848 painting by John Fredrick Herring Sr, a stagecoach driver turned famed painter known by the likes of King George IV, Pharaohs Horses was regarded as one of his most well-known paintings, and by the 1920's was showing up in almost every tattoo flash and supply catalog. Horse tattoos will always be popular, but it's always awesome to know where the concept and designs stem from!

These horse tattoos will hopefully inspire you, but if wild horses, riding across great plains, and the equine species isn't exactly your thing, let us know what you'd like to see more of! We have an extensive archive of thousands upon thousands of tattoo images, but we're always looking to curate special tattoo collections just for you. If you'd like to see more of something you've seen here or there, or even if you're looking for something super specific, let us know. We'll even help you find the best artist or shop for your dream tattoo!

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