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Sheila Marcello's Eclectic, Electric Ladyland

Sheila Marcello's Eclectic, Electric Ladyland

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Pinup or put up.

Pinups might be the most common motif in traditional tattoos, so to make them stand out from the crowd, artists have to push the envelope when designing these illustrations of beautiful ladies. One such tattooist is Sheila Marcello. Her bodacious babes are some of the sexiest as well as wildest in the world of body art. All of her female figures are as curvy as they are colorful, but be careful, if looks could kill, they'd probably run you with a sword, put a hex on you, or zap your ass with a raygun.

Marcello's take on the traditional style is both classic and nuanced at the same time. One can see the vestiges of earlier tattoo artists, especially Sailor Jerry and August “Cap” Coleman, in her pinups. However, she has stylistically distanced her work from that of her predecessors through the radical sense of character with which she imbues each of her attractive female figures as well as the way she vibrantly colors them. Also, because she works in fine lines, she is able to pack a considerable amount of detail into these relatively small pieces of body art. In short, each one of her pinups has a pronounced, peppy personality.

The way that Marcello stylizes her ladies is out of this world, literally is some cases, as seen in her Barbarella-esque pinups. While some of her girls are from the sci-fi universe, others come from the realm of fantasy, such as her Red-Sonya-like barbarian babe, enchanting blue genie, and mermaid in a glass of merlot. Occasionally she dabbles in the occult, like in the piece featuring a naked witch riding atop a ram. Speaking of the demonic, her tattoo of a succubus is bizarre as hell itself. Although most of her pinups sport fun costumes, some of them are notable simply for their refined sense of fashion. The black and grey lady in a leopard spotted dress above illustrates how her depictions of women don't need many accessories to be exciting. 

A babe only second to Barbarella herself via Sheila Marcello (IG—sheilamarcello). #pinups #SheilaMarcello #spaceage #traditional

If you want to see more of Marcello's electrifying ladies, make your way over to her Instagram. She works at Electric Tattoo in Asbury Park, NJ should you want one of her sexy pinups for your own.

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Written byRoss Howerton

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