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Shell Valentine Is Cooking up Some Mouth-Wateringly Good Eats

Shell Valentine Is Cooking up Some Mouth-Wateringly Good Eats

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Food is forever, it'll never dessert you. Cook up an appetite with these delicious Kawaii style foodie tattoos.

At the risk of sounding like completely gluttonous slobs, there will never come a time when food isn’t the best option, including when it comes to tattoos. Twenty or 30 years from now, you may very well regret that portrait of your ex-girlfriend on your arm, as love ebbs and flows like the coming of seasons, but food is forever. Shell Valentine, one of our favorite kawaii style artists out of Melbourne, Australia, shares in our fondness for tasty treats. Baking up some pretty pastel pieces, Valentine creates a smorgasbord of food that’s so cute, it makes us seriously question if getting the entire contents of our fridge tattooed would be a prudent idea. Hummus tattoo, anyone?

Soy Milk and Cookies by Shell Valentine (via IG-shell_valentine_tattoo) #kawaii #girly #colorful #traditional #food #ShellValentine

Working in the traditional style, Valentine’s work is characterized by its unique femininity which radiates from the top layers of her expertly frosted cake to the pits of her perfectly ripe avocados. “I've always loved traditional tattoos for their bold aesthetic,” Vallentine explained in an interview with Tattoodo. “I love girly-traditional because I get to make things super bright and colourful or soft and pastel and girly and cute — it's just so much fun…”

Similar to the real deal, Valentine’s eats are all about the details. Careful to choose the perfect blend of toasted brown for her pretzels, she creates details that are so spot on that we can practically taste the warm, salty, and slightly buttery dough. The sesame seeds on her expertly toasted hamburger bun calling to us just as loudly as the greasy strips of bacon resting right below the juicy patty and melted cheese.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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