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She's Got The Look: Todd Noble's Latest Labor of Love

She's Got The Look: Todd Noble's Latest Labor of Love

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The second volume of Todd Noble’s “Look of Love” is a lady-head gold mine.

You may recognize Noble’s name from previous articles we’ve written here and here. Though perhaps not a household name, Noble is well-known within the tattoo community for his unique approach to classic and traditional stylings.  

One look into his digital portfolio will reveal hundreds of examples leading up to the conclusion that the guy really has a handle on his stuff. And while able to execute most motifs with ease and perfection, Noble has a knack for laying down really nice lady heads. 

So nice in fact, he’s just released his second book on them… and we’ve finally got our hands on it.

Details from the Look of Love Vol. II by Todd Noble. (IG - noble1) #LookofLove #tattoobook #tattooreference #ladyhead

“Persian princesses, African queens, seductive gypsies, high-fashion starlets, cowgirls and Indian maidens along with timeless tattoo classics fill the following pages for your tattooing, collecting, or viewing pleasure.” - Todd Noble, Look of Love Volume II

Lady head from the Look of Love Vol. II by Todd Noble. (IG - noble1) #LookofLove #tattoobook #tattooreference #ladyhead

Proudly made in the USA from start to finish, the book was essentially created to be tattooed straight out of with ready-to-go corresponding line work added thoughtfully for perfect stencils.

An avid collector of art and reference books himself, Noble noticed a gap in the market that needed filling.I really wanted to put out a book that hadn't been done before and could really help people better their designs, as well as make money off of,” he explains.

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The compilation of lady heads first goes through months of conceptualization and drafting. Noble’s process is a daily one, gathering, bookmarking, buying, and screen-shotting references.

“Once I'm happy with the drawing I transfer it to the paper I will use for the finished product. Once all the drawings are transferred I line them all in a couple of days. Then I tape them all up on my wall and stare at them for hours," he says. “Once I'm motivated to start painting I grab one and get started”.

“The power and emotion of having a woman’s head crafted indelibly for the wearer has always been a classic expression of tattoo art and culture.” - Grime, Look of Love Volume II

Gypsy Girl from the Look of Love Vol. II by Todd Noble. (IG - noble1) #LookofLove #tattoobook #tattooreference #ladyhead

Bigger and better in its second volume, the Look of Love is a soon to be a staple in the libraries of artists and collectors alike. 

Get your copy here

Jessica Paige
Written byJessica Paige

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