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Show Some Allegiance to Your City with a Skyline Tattoo

Show Some Allegiance to Your City with a Skyline Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

What better way to remember a city that is always in your heart?

Love for a city is generally not a fleeting love - even if we move on from that place, it always remains in our hearts as a place that shaped us and perhaps even had a profound impact on our lives.

Whether it's a place we love to travel to or the place we call home, cities carry a lot of meaning. The image of a skyline immediately brings back memories of that place, perhaps sitting on a look out point high above the city or from across the water. Skyline tattoos are beautiful and mean we can keep these memories with us always. Personally, I think they look amazing as blackwork, minimalist, designs, but you can always make things a bit more colorful by adding a splash of subdued watercolor tones to liven things up. Have a look at these skyline tattoos and see if you can guess which city they belong to!

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