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Show Some Love For Ur BFF: Best Friend Tattoos and Friendship Tattoos

Show Some Love For Ur BFF: Best Friend Tattoos and Friendship Tattoos

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Get serious with your bestie with a best friend tattoo! Check out these unique bff tattoos & matching best friend tattoos for inspiration.

Do you remember the moment you first met your bff? You probably had no idea that they would come to mean so much to you...that through all the hard times, the good times, all the laughs, and tears, that you would still stick together.

And now you probably can't really imagine your life without their love and support. Sharing an experience like getting best friend tattoos can be a great way to show how committed you are to this special connection...and we're here to give you the ultimate inspiration in friendship tattoos.

Whether near or far, together or apart, these pieces will prove that you'll be friends forever. Cuz that's what bestie tattoos are all about!

We hope that these best friend tattoo ideas really help get those wheels a turnin’. Honestly, we know that some people out there will only get a few tattoos in their lifetime...and to share that experience with a friend is something really really special.

However, we’ll also say, that friendship tattoos are so fun that you’ll basically love getting them so much...that you’ll start wishing you had more friends, or more places to put new ink!

Best Friend Matching Tattoos

When you think of matching friend tattoos, you may envision two pieces that are exactly alike...and sometimes that's totally a great way to go!

Getting the same ink as your buddy can feel like you're marked for life with a symbol of how similar you both are...after all, that's usually why you click so well with someone else!

Of course, it's always great to get best friend matching tattoos that actually are perfect matches...we really loved these slices of pizza! Because, for real, how often do you share food with your friend? Probably a lot. Often. All the time. It's usually when the best conversations happen!

But another way to go are some of these matching best friend tattoos ideas that play off of the concept that each person we hang with is like our other half.

When you really feel a connection with someone, sometimes it's actually because they balance you out, or they're good at things that you're not. It's awesome to meet someone who has the stuff that you lack, and vice versa. It's part of why that cliche "opposites attract" is so true! And it goes for friends too...

These matching bff tattoos are like that: they're one half of a whole. Eggs and bacon, peanut butter and jelly, lemons and lemonade...there are so many fun ways you can think of this.

If you’re going for something a bit more minimal, friendship symbol tattoo ideas are good too! Hearts are basically the universal symbol of undying love, and yes, that includes friends too. We also saw some Deathly Hollow triangles, just in case the world didn’t already know that you and your bff are total Harry Potter nerds!

Small Best Friend Tattoos

We totally get that although you love love love your bff like doesn't really mean you want to wear a huge portrait of them on your chest forever. And sometimes, even a palm sized tattoo may not be exactly in line with your aesthetics or career goals. But that doesn't mean you can't get bff tattoos!

Here we have some small best friend tattoos that will give you a lil inspiration. They can also be hidden, like these cute wine glasses on the hip, or minimal. Remember, this is your body...and since you're getting these pieces with someone who knows you super well, they'll be totally understanding if you don't want to go all out with a huge back piece proclaiming your undying platonic love!

The ankle is also a great spot if you don't want your ink to be super noticeable...but you can also do small friendship tattoos that still mean a whole lots.

Remember that tiny doesn't mean it won't have big meaning. The experience alone will be something that will stand the test of'll be just another moment you two will share and reminisce on!

Your ink doesn't have to be complicated either...we all love huge works of art, but simple best friend tattoos can also be truly inspiring and meaningful.

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Friendship Tattoos for 3 People

If you're super have one best friend...but if you're even more super duper have two! And this can be such a fun time to get ink that all of you can enjoy.

Friendship tattoos for 3 people doesn't actually have to be complicated...we get it. You may be thinking, "But we all have different styles!" or "But we all want something sort of different!" That's totally perfect!

Work with it! Think outside the box...we even have some ideas for you to make some of the most heartwarming 3 best friend tattoos even when the other two aren't around, someone will see your ink and smile. Because, who doesn't love getting compliments on their tattoos? And then even getting asked what it means?!

Perfect time to boast about how cool your tattoos are...and how cool your friends are. Can't really beat that.

We really really loved this dinosaur idea. It's such a wonderful example of cute best friend tattoos! And such an awesome concept: since there's three of you....maybe get each of your favorite animals in the same style?

Or you could each get an adorable little constellation set of your zodiac signs! Or you could do star, sun and moon best friend tattoos...there are so many marvelous options.

We also love it when people turn their inside jokes into tattoos...we heard one story where three friends each considered themselves like a certain fruit: one was as sweet as cherry pie, one was beautiful blueberries, and the other friend was tart lil' raspberries. So they got a fruit bowl!

It doesn't matter if these mean anything to anyone else beyond you and your friends...that's what makes this special: it's all about your friendship and the connection you share.

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Best Friend Tattoos for Girls

Being a girl means so many different things to so many different people.

Maybe you're the kind of girl who's a total tomboy, and your bff is just the same.

Maybe you're the kind of girl who loves shopping, make-up and dressing up...and your bff happens to be the most amazing person to hang out at the mall with.

Maybe you're a magical girl, or a funny girl, or an artistic girl...there are so many different ways to be!

But we're sure the reason why you're friend is your friend is because you're both into the same stuff...and maybe you're also kinda similar gal pals, right?

So when you're looking around for best friend tattoos for girls, we suggest taking a look at what the two of you love most!

Do you hit the museums together and just can't get enough of Monet's waterlilies? Maybe that's the perfect start! Who doesn't love flower tattoos? Or maybe you just want something simple, but with about best friend heart tattoos?

Truly, there are so many different things you two have in common that choosing some matching ink won't be that hard when you check out all this inspo and really think about why you both get each other like no one else does.

Best Friend Tattoos Guy and Girl Oriented

We really hate it when people say guys and girls can't be friends...because, straight up, that's just not true. And whoever made that up is just limiting themselves on some seriously cool pals.

But when you're looking for a piece to share with you fave dude buddy, we get that it might take a little more imagination to get this one down.

We like to think, however, that everything we've talked about up until now will still hold true: inside jokes, funny movie moments, things you like to do together...these are all perfect ideas for best friend tattoos guy and girl oriented.

The pieces we found inspiring were obviously really wonderfully thought out and hint at a really special connection.

Tattoos for best friends with meaning can sometimes be overwhelming, with too many ideas stuffed into one image, but these works of art imbue significance really well.

The wonderfully illustrated pieces of wood that these two people got hints at their connection to nature and one another...we get the feeling they probably go on hikes together, camp out under the stars and poke fun at each other for stepping in bear poo that one time...maybe not, but you get the drift right?

The matching Pulp Fiction dancing pieces are tattoos are a great way to go no matter what.

We also love the anatomical friend tattoos boy and girl coordinated can be fun. Just remember why you like to hang out with your pal in the first place, and we're sure you'll be good to go to your local tattoo shop in no time.

Best Friend Tattoos for Guys

And dudes, don't think we forgot about you. Your bromance is precious to us...we've literally seen that flick "I Love You, Man" about a billion times. And having a guy around to bro out with is really important...literally for everyone.

Best friend tattoos for guys don't have to be sticky sweet...they don't have to have flowers and crap. Just because you're getting inked together doesn't mean that it has to be over the top sentimental.

Best friend tattoos for guys can have meaning, if you want, but they can also be totally ridiculous. Because, honestly, some of the best friendship tattoo ideas are. We mentioned inside jokes as inspiration already, right?

We totally dug that Rick and Morty piece...again, movies, your favorite TV shows, all that kind of pop culture stuff is perfect stuff for inspiration. Especially if you happened to binge on all seasons of one sitcom together in one night...three nights in a row. (Yes, our Adult Swim addiction is real.)

We saw tons of Bart Simpson's, donuts, old Nick cartoon spin-offs...that stuff is awesome for best friend tattoos. Always. Forever. You'll never forget those random nights of eating six pizzas and laughing so hard at a joke that "cheese" flew out of your nose.

Best friend quote tattoos are also a really good idea. We saw one pic that had three guys with the script "Family isn't always blood"...the meaning there is really good, and we know all about chosen family. Sometimes your pals are as close as you'll ever get to having kin.

And, like we said, friendship tattoos for guys can have meaning, or not. They can be matching, or not. It's totally up to you and your buds.

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