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Show Stoppin' Job Stoppers: Rad AF Hand Tattoos

Show Stoppin' Job Stoppers: Rad AF Hand Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

They are quickly becoming more acceptable in society, but hand tattoos are still a quick way to say to the world that you're badass.

So few hands, so many hand tattoos....considering it's one of the baddest, most visible, and even at times...most painful, you better choose your hand tattoos wisely cuz you only got two shots! Unless, that is, you are down for cover ups, blast overs, or tattoo removal. That's all up to you. Our advice, however, is to choose your design and artist wisely...that way you won't spend money on a bad job stopper, only to spend more money covering it up! They may be more readily acceptable in society today...and, of course, things will only improve, but you still want a good hand tattoo to show to the world!

It seems to us that these days hand tattoos mostly come in the form of roses...big beautiful lush flowers that cover the back of the hand. We've asked around and it seems that this is almost the safest bet in hand tattoo history. Face it: who doesn't love good ole' traditional rose pieces? They are basically the most iconic of tattoo, flowers make everybody happy, right? So, if you're trying to look bad ass, but not make your mom mad...maybe a rose tattoo is a good way to go. You can even tell her it's for her!

Again, like all tattoos really, you should just make sure that the artist you choose to give you your brand spankin' new hand tattoo is a super duper talen whiz...a real professional who knows their way around the ink. And if you check out our app, you'll find tons of artists, shops, and even awesome inspiration for your next investment...because that is what a tattoo is: an investment. Like buying fine art you hang on walls, only you're fortunate enough to not only look at this every day of your life, but you're also able to take this shit to the grave with you. Nothin' more bad ass than that.

Written byTattoodo

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