Show-stopping Portraits by Jumilla Olivares

Show-stopping Portraits by Jumilla Olivares

Stunning portrait tattoos that really seem to be breathing right at you! The work of Jumilla Olivares is just stunning and beautiful!

Portrait tattoos and realism is something that every tattoo artist is trying to do nowadays. With all of them popping up from all over the world, it is my duty as a staff writer here in Tattoodo to share with you the best in what they do, in this genre, so let me share with you the jaw-dropping tattoos done by Jumilla Olivares.

Jumilla Olivares is an incredibly talented and exceptional tattoo artist from Spain who specializes in making stunning black and grey portrait tattoos and realism. This blog will focus more on his portrait work cause I would like to share with you guys how amazing his work with portraits are, especially when it comes to the little details that make or break the tattoo. 

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Jumilla Olivares' tattoos have that solid black shadings that keep the tattoo intact. Lined enough to hold up, the value and shadings are masterfully done by this artist from Spain. Olivares' incredible attention to detail separate him from other tattooers who just do the tattoo. As they say, God is in the details. Jumilla Olivares' work prove this to be true.

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