Shtanko's Shockingly Stunning Sternum Showpieces

Shtanko's Shockingly Stunning Sternum Showpieces

It's all about the underboob tattoos, and Shtanko makes some of the best

As a boob owner, it is getting progressively more and more difficult to deny that underboob tattoos are actually extremely flattering and arguably one of the best spots for tattoo placement. Ever since Rihanna put her absolutely beautiful Egyptian goddess Isis tattoo on full display back in 2012, the sternum and below has become one of the most popular tattoo real estate spaces available. And can you really blame anyone for it? Every single one we’ve laid eyes on is not only complementary to that particular part of the body, but also brings an unprecedented beauty and ornateness with them. There are many artists that have mastered the artistry required for this placement, but we have to say that Taras Shtanko’s work is some of our favorite.

Tattooing exclusively in black and grey, Shtanko’s work is ornate, occasionally fine lined, and absolutely gorgeous. Creating a combination of beautiful shapes, insects, flora, and abstract designs, his tattoos wrap perfectly around the breast bone, ensuring that each piece serves as more of a decorative embellishment rather than a stand alone tattoo. 

Using techniques like stippling, creating negative space, and some of the most perfect shading we’ve ever seen, Shtanko’s sternum pieces are tiny masterpieces. His most impressive pieces are easily the ones that you wouldn’t necessarily peg as a sternum piece at first glance, case in point, the diamond shaped paw and hand clasping each other. Shtanko’s ability to take creative risks is unparalleled.

While breast bone tattoos might be gaining in popularity, you can still stand out among the crowd with one of his beautifully tailored sternum pieces. Flora, fauna, or intricate patterns Shtanko’s black and grey work is some of our favorite.

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