Sick Neo Traditional Tattoos by Evgenia Sin

Sick Neo Traditional Tattoos by Evgenia Sin

Unusual yet solid and powerful tattoos. That is what Evgenia Sin's tattoos are all about.

Neo traditional tattooing is all over the digital tattoo world, everyone's doing it! Its refreshing to see some cats doing original and distinct stuff that separate them from the herd. 

Evgenia Sin is a tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. A really cool artist whose work is original, distinct and solid. 

Evgenia Sin's tattoo art is heavily influenced by macabre and dark images. In this genre of tattooing, the elements used are tweaked by the artist's style or interpretation. 

Evgenia Sin manages to stick with the tattoo basics while enjoying the freedom to create an animal of her own which is in her style. The tattoos are usually composed of vibrant reds and yellows, made to pop by heavy blacks and crisp lining. This makes the tattoo stay solid under the skin for years to come.

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