SICK SAD WORLD: Daria Tattoos For All You Sad Weirdos

SICK SAD WORLD: Daria Tattoos For All You Sad Weirdos

"I don't smile unless I have a reason."

If you're a child of the 90s, then Daria helped you ring out the end of the decade. Daria was originally a reoccurring character on Beavis and Butt-head (ah, the 1990s, the height of adult cartoon weirdness), and was so popular she managed to get her own spin-off series from 1997 to 2002. What made Daria the show so meaningful was Daria herself — she didn't care about what other people thought, she spoke in a monotone, and she had a sense of style that was all her own. Daria gave way to many wonderful, snarky nerd girls, who all had their own style, in real life and on screen. 

"Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it's almost like depth."

Daria and her best friend Jane were proxies for so many outcasts. Overwhelmed by well-intended but horrible adults, surrounded by Plastics, Daria and Jane used music, art, and their own snark to survive. Daria's wit, easily quotable forever and ever and beyond, survives even today, often in the form of weird listicles and silly memes. Her snark sparked a generation of snark, and we're all the better for it. 

"Why didn't I just stay home, where it's nice and quiet and nothing ever happens?"
"Do you think if you breathe on me... I might catch your enthusiasm?"

Of course, it's no surprise that Daria has inspired many, many tattoos. People often immortalize their favorite cartoons on their skin, especially the more resonant ones. Daria herself would probably get a tattoo of one of her own quotes, when you think about it. 

"No life. No hope. No future."

Daria's bleakness gave way to a secret, super powerful intelligence that deeply resonated with an entire generation — and continues to even now, thanks to the power of online streaming. And lucky for all of us, people continue to get Daria in indelible ink on their bodies, so we can all admire Daria's monotone tenacity.

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