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Sign the Petition: Open UK Tattoo Studios!

Sign the Petition: Open UK Tattoo Studios!

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Help UK tattoo shops open in the next phase of the COVID-19 recovery strategy.

Please Help and Sign the Petition!

Click here: Allow Salons and Tattoo parlors to open at same time as hairdressers
Keep in mind that only residents of the UK can sign!

As tattoo studios around the world slowly begin opening up, the UK tattoo shops have been left behind. Boris Johnson, the UK's Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2019, released an announcement for what businesses would be able to return to work. Although it is being called "biggest relaxation of lockdown measures since vast areas of the English economy were shut down on 23 March", many small business owners are desperate to get back to work after having been under quarantine for over 3 months.

There are a few things here at work but mainly it could be boiled down to a lack of concern for what the government considers "non-essential" businesses and a lack of understanding for how tattoo studios maintain cleanliness standards. Many tattooists in spaces that have reopened, such as Kiley at Calm Tattoo in Copenhagen, have mentioned that beyond wearing masks, keeping hand sanitizer more available, and not allowing clients to bring guests, not much has changed as far as their usual sanitation and sterility precautions.

Respectable and responsible tattoo studios, UK based or not, all follow extremely strict guidelines to protect not only their clients, but the artists as well. Blood-born pathogens are no joke, and tattoo shops the world over know high-standards of cleanliness is an extremely important part of their accountability as professional tattooists.

As for tattoo shops being considered "non-essential"...this, perhaps, is because people think tattoos are a bit of a privilege, like buying art for your walls. It's not necessary for your home to look better, but it sure helps. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, that's not true. Artists make a living through this; it's their business to create which makes it essential for their emotional and physical well-being. Art, in general, is completely integral to human health. UN News wrote an article with the title "Even during COVID-19 'art brings us closer together'"

Especially after the onslaught of 2020, a year everyone is calling the worst ever, artistic self-expression, collaboration, and creativity is absolutely necessary for self-care chatharcism. We’re losing our ability to proactively consume media, fear, anxiety, and anger are ever-present emotions, and the troubling times of our era don’t seem to be letting up.

We need art. We need connectivity. We need people to be able to make a living, to feel supported and stable. If it’s not enough to consider artwork as societally essential, it should be enough to consider someone’s livelihood as essential.

Please help out by signing the petition: Allow Salons and Tattoo parlors to open at same time as hairdressers
Keep in mind that only residents of the UK can sign!

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Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

Social Producer, Journalist, Editor, and Curator for Tattoodo I am here to support you 🌻 IG: @lathe.of.heaven

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